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The minimum spend for advertising is $225 per month. Advertising minimum cost is based on where the ad appears on our site, with more popular pages having a higher minimum charge.

Our Pricing Tiers

To run advertisements on our site, an ad campaign is created which incorporates the ad artwork (ad creative), the pages where the ad will appear (target), landing page information, and the budget. Your ad campaign can target whole sections of our site, such as all Providenciales pages, or directly target individual URLs on our site.

Instead of selecting keywords as in other advertising platforms, our advertising platform is instead based around our content pages.

The minimum price for an ad campaign is determined by the highest price tier page you have selected within your target pages. The price tier of an individual page is determined by the overall popularity of that page on our site (pageviews). Your ad budget will then be spread evenly over your selection of pages.

For example, if you target 5 pages which are all Tier 1 ($225/month), the minimum spend for your ad campaign (all 5 pages) is $225 per month. If one of your pages is Tier 2, the minimum spend will change to $375. A selection of fewer pages will concentrate your ad spend on those pages, and your ad will appear more often. It is best to select a small number of pages highly relevant to your business for best results. We’ll help you suggest which pages will be suitable for your business when you sign up.

All pages on our site are algorithmically divided into 7 pricing tiers, as follows (using analytical data):

Tier Price Example Page
Tier 1 $225 Contractors and Construction Companies
Tier 2 $375 Providenciales Restaurants
Tier 3 $525 South Caicos Home
Tier 4 $750 North and Middle Caicos Home
Tier 5 $950 Providenciales Things to Do and Providenciales Accommodation
Tier 6 $1150 Providenciales Home
Tier 7 $1450 Sitewide
Tier 8 $1750 Sitewide Plus
Tier 9 $2250 Sitewide Premium

The tier a page is assigned may change based on traffic patterns to our site. Your ad spend will remain locked and doesn’t change unless you change it.


All accommodation advertisers must have an ad campaign (based on the pricing above) to be eligible for inclusion in the Property Finder.

An ad campaign targeting a property classed as a hotel is permitted one listing in the Property Finder (they may also be eligible for display on different pages, such as Turks and Caicos Accommodation and Providenciales Accommodation).

Example: Coconut Beach Resorts operates two properties, Coconut Beach West and Coconut Beach East. They must have two separate ad campaigns in order to have both properties appear in the Property Finder.

An ad campaign targeting a property classed as a villa is permitted to have up to 10 individual listings listing in the Property Finder (they may also be eligible for display on different pages, such as Turks and Caicos Villas and Providenciales Villas).

Example: Exquisite Vacations manages 19 vacation rentals. Each ad campaign they run can include 10 listings in the Property Finder, so they must have two campaigns to include all 19 properties.

The default ordering of properties in the Property Finder is by ad campaign spend, divided by the number of Property Finder listings included in the ad campaign.

Example: Assume Coconut Beach Resorts has a Tier 5 Campaign ($950) for Coconut Beach West and another Tier 5 Campaign ($950) for Coconut Beach East. Exquisite Vacations has a Tier 5 Campaign ($950) for two of their villas. Both Coconut Beach Resorts would appear first, as they each have an effective spend of $950, followed by the the Exquisite Vacations villas, as they each have an effective spend of $475 (the $950 divided by the two villas included in the ad campaign).

I need help. Can you provide assistance?

Of course! We're a local Turks and Caicos company and we're interested in maintaining a long-term relationship with our advertisers. We are focused on providing value to our customers. We’re aware that if we don’t provide solid value for our advertisers, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The first step is determining the minimum pricing for a business. This depends the category of your business and where your advertisements will appear. For example, if you’re a local kiteboarding company, our kiteboarding page is assigned Tier 1 and the minimum is $225/month (May 2018). If you’re a local boat charter operator, these pages are assigned Tier 3 and the minimum is $525/month (May 2018).

You can have your ad displayed on multiple pages, with your ad budget spread across your selected pages.

In addition, we can also design your advertisement artwork for you if you wish.

What about the lists of businesses which appear on the site?

Most activity oriented pages, and many other pages, display a list of local business offering an activity, service, or product.

Businesses advertising with us are given priority with us. On most pages, non-advertising business will be placed under a ‘More Places’ option once there’s an advertiser on a page.

Priority is based on the business spending the most overall via our advertising platform.

Our statistics show that in many cases, obtaining priority in the list can be of equal or higher value to displaying an advertisement on the page.

Does every advertiser get the same value for their advertising budget?

If they are advertising on the pages, yes. Ads displaying on our site are entirely controlled via our ad placement and display frequency algorithm. If two advertisers are advertising on the same set of pages, and each spend $225, their ads will appear an equal number of times. Any increase in advertising budget by one of these advertisers will lead to a proportional increase in their ad appearances.

If advertisers are advertising on a different set of pages, costs will be different.

Why not use a cost-per-click (CPC) model?

We choose to not implement a cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) for three primary reasons: (a) our niche market means the traditional bidding process will not be effective on our site, (b) true CPC or PPC, where bids are set, is complicated and usually requires a dedicated campaign manager to receive worthwhile results, and (c) the problem with fraudulent clicks.

Many small businesses on other platforms, such as Google or Facebook, select options where Google or Facebook optimizes the bidding on their behalf, such as a budget of $10/day automatically optimized. We felt that local businesses in the Turks and Caicos would be served better by a simplified system, where ad placement is solely based on what your budget is.

How do I know if I’m getting value for my ad spend?

All advertisers are given access to Advertising Dashboard, where you’ll see in real-time what your ad placement frequency is. In addition, you are also told exactly what position you’ll appear in business lists. Upon request by prospective advertisers, we’ll create a new account where you can view how much different pages will cost, and what proportion of page views your ad will be served on.

All our ad products support tracking parameters in the landing URL, which will allow you to track on your end what your effective cost-per-click is.

Can I spend more than the minimum?

Yes, if you spend more than the minimum you will get more impressions for your advertisement. Within your Advertising Dashboard, you’ll see what the coverage will be based on your ad budget.