Ad Guidelines

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This page gives an overview of our ad guidelines. For detailed information, see our general Ad Policies.

If you have any questions regarding ad content, please contact us at

What We’d Like to See

Visit Turks and Caicos Islands features pages that are heavily photo-driven, and we’d like this theme to carry through with advertising. The number of ads on a page will be few, and they’ll be large, so advertisers will have a great canvas to work with. We do not offer the tiny and ineffective ads that website viewers have become accustomed to overlook.

The Turks and Caicos is a beautiful destination, and it’s typically easiest to sell your business with big, vibrant photos that feature your business and the spectacular beaches, ocean and environment of the Turks and Caicos.

Great photos will make a huge difference in click-through rates and ad success. If you don’t have such images, we may be able to help in some situations, or you may want to consider utilizing the services of a competent photographer and graphic designer.

General Guidelines

Text Content

Image Requirements

We require two different ad image sizes for ads: one for display on full-size laptops and desktops, and one for mobile devices. This ensures proper formatting and effectiveness across devices.

No text, graphics, emojis, or similar features are permitted to be overlaid on images. Only single images and montages are accepted.

Details on the Featured Block Ad Creative Element

All ads use our Featured Block ad element, which is a fully-customizable, responsive, interactive advert.

Your Website and Landing Page

The landing page that the ad directs to, and your website in general must be suitable and of the services advertised.

Your website must not have malicious content or malware, and should be family-friendly.

Technical Details

Images Must Be Sufficient Quality

The photos used in ads must be good quality. Small images extrapolated up to the minimum ad resolutions will not generally be accepted.

Image Format and Color Space

Images should be in JPG format and in the sRGB color space. Other color profiles will be converted into sRGB, and it may result in distorted colors, especially in the case of the origin file being CMYK.


Logo Policies

Logos are allowed on ads, however, they should be properly incorporated into the ad. See our example image.

Photos in Ad Must be Relevant, and From the Turks and Caicos in Most Cases

Photos in ads generally should be from the Turks and Caicos. We do not want generic stock images used.

An example of an ad that may be acceptable is an airline ad that feature that airline’s plane, or a jewelry or gift shop ad that has a professional photo provided by a major jewelry or watch brand stocked in the store.

An example of an ad that is not acceptable is a car rental ad that consists of a stock car image, or water sports and reef photos taken in other regions.

You Must Ensure That You Have the Rights to Use Any Ad Images

You must ensure that you have proper rights to use your chosen image. If people are featured in a photo, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have model releases where applicable.

By uploading artwork, you affirm that you may legally use such images, and you grant Visit Turks and Caicos the right to use images on its products.