How Ads Work

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The way advertising on Visit Turks and Caicos Islands works is simple. Ads are currently limited to one per page, and the frequency with which your banner ad appears is simply your share of the overall spend on that page.

Single Page Example

In the case of our page Providenciales Diving, assume two businesses are advertising: Great Dive Company and Into the Blue Charters.

If each company spends $100 dollars, each of their ads will appear 50% of the time. If Great Dive Company spends $200 and Into the Blue Charters spends $100, the ad for Great Dive Company will appear 66% of the time, and the ad for Into the Blue Charters will appear 33% of the time.


We provide a ‘coverage’ metric to help you choose where to advertise and how much to spend. This metric is simply the frequency with which your ad appears. For example, a coverage of 50% means that your ad will appear half the time on that page (or group of pages).

Groups of Pages

If you target a group of pages, such as sitewide or the Providenciales portion of our site, your ad spend will be distributed according to the popularity of each page (based on views). This means that a larger portion of your ad spend will be used on higher-traffic pages, and a lower amount will be spent on lower-traffic pages. This gives you the best value in terms of impressions of your ad.

Choosing Where to Advertise

Generally, the best value, in terms of cost per impression, is sitewide. This will usually be the cheapest option in terms of cost per each view of your ad (cost per impression).

However, you may want to select a more limited set of pages to advertise on. If you are a car rental company, you’ll probably get better value by advertising in the Getting Around Providenciales section, which will focus your ad budget on pages such as Providenciales Car Rentals. Not as many people will see your ad if you choose to target Getting Around Providenciales instead of sitewide, but the people who see your ad are more likely to be interested in your business. You’ll likely get more conversions and spend less money.

Minimum Pricing

You can choose how much to spend, subject to a minimum depending on where you want to advertise. For example, advertising sitewide is subject to a higher minimum spend than advertising on a less popular page, such as Highas Cay. When you setup your ad campaign, you’ll be told what the minimum spend for your selected pages is.

Business Listings

Many of our pages, such as Providenciales Diving or Providenciales Car Rentals, have listings of local businesses.

With very few exceptions (such as Providenciales Attractions), the order of the businesses is determined by the overall advertising spend amount of that business on our site. If you are a dive company and are spending more than your competition, your business will be #1 in the list.

In addition, many of these lists of businesses will place non-advertising businesses under a ‘More places’ button. In the case of Providenciales Diving, if your dive company is the only company advertising on this page, your business will be prominently featured, and all other businesses will be hidden under a ‘More places’ dropdown list.

On all activity pages and many other pages, such as Providenciales Car Rentals, non-advertising businesses will be automatically placed under the ‘More Places’ buttons (if there is any business which advertises on that page).

Notable exceptions are Accommodation and Restaurant pages, (such as Providenciales All-Inclusive Resorts and Providenciales Restaurants and Dining). In these limited exceptions, all businesses will be shown, but businesses which are advertising will be given a premium listing and be placed at the top of the list.

Changes in your Coverage and Spend

Your ad spend does not change unless you explicitly change it. You can increase or decrease your ad spend at any time, and you can pause and stop your ad at any time. Changes in pricing, or if you pause your ad, are immediate.

Your coverage (frequency with which your ad will be shown on a page) may change as new advertisers join our site or leave.

If you are spending $100 on Providenciales Diving, and there are two other businesses each spending $100, your ad will appear 33% of the time. If one business stops advertising, your coverage will increase to 50%, however, your ad spend will remain the same. If a fourth business begins advertising on Providenciales Diving, your coverage will decrease to 25%, however your ad spend will remain the same.

Note on sitewide initial minimum

There will initially be a sitewide ‘reserved’ advertising amount on our site. Until the sitewide reserved amount is reached, some pages may not always display an advert. This does not affect your coverage metric. The coverage metric always states the frequency with which your ad will appear to help you plan your campaign.