Accommodation Pricing and Availability

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Our proprietary system links to calendar and rate information to provide up-to-date availability and pricing information, and allows properties to be sorted, filtered and ultimately guide visitors to book direct with hotels and property managers.

We’ve developed this system after speaking to local hoteliers and villa managers, who were unsatisfied with high commissions payable to the large OTAs.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to improve, or add new features.

How do I get listed?

Listings are included as part of an advertising campaign package.

Availability Information

iCalendar (.ics/.ical) is supported to provide real-time availability information. Simply provide the calendar URL and our system will keep your availability up-to-date.

Calendars are updated every 4 hours.

Rate Information

There are a few different options to provide us with automated rate and pricing information. If you are using a channel manager (such as 365Villas), get in touch with us to see if we support it.

For villas and smaller properties, you can use a Tarifa rate sheet or a Google Sheets Document to import rates.

Listing Your Property

The following is required to list a property under the Property Finder.

For hotels and resorts:

For villas:

Rates and Availability

For hotels and resorts, please contact us for more information.

For villas, we require an iCal (or alternative) calendar URL for availability.

For rates, we suggest using a Google Sheets rate sheet. This is simply a Google Sheets document that you have control over, and add the rates according to our specific format. Then, you simply provide us with a public URL, and our system will read it every day.